If we ask people from all over the world, which one is their favorite destination to which they would go on vacation, Miami would certainly be one of the most popular choices.This beautiful city with view on the beach, whose beauty leaves you breathless, attracts millions of tourists every day. Families come to this city to rest, free boys and girls to fall in love, and couples to spend their free time in exploring of this gorgeous city. The compound of different cultures, languages, all of which are mixed in this city that offers an unlimited number of possibilities for a real vacation, and of course quality life. Miami is a city of magic..

Today's tropical climate of the city and easy access to the sparkling waters of Miami Beach, South Beach attracts all kinds of people to go there on their holiday,from newlyweds, to families, and of course, the permanent visitors and celebrities. People can go and enjoy shopping in luxury shops, eating in famous restaurants, exploring museums ..Tourists can explore the underwater world to swim with the dolphins, to enjoy the view of the unreal blue ocean.

Calle ocho

Options are really limitless. But people who are willing to give it a good time,in addition to visits to number of nightclubs, they can attend one of thebiggest festivals of the Latin culture.This festival with interesting name calle ocho is an event where people gather,actually over a million, sometimes even more than that number, for a year.

Gambling as a way of fun

But in the days when you are tired of going out,in your hotel room you can try yourself in games of chance and betting over the Internet, and you can try online gambling. It will relax you a bit. Or person can go to bunch of casinos in Miami, and experience the joy of meeting interesting people and have fun . That is also amazing option to entertain yourself in this city. For more info on gambling check out this article: https://www.canadiancasinoreview.com/best-canadian-online-casinos/ 

Coconut grave arts Festival

Also very good gathering happens in March, when is held Coconut grave arts festival.
There are good bands that play jazz live, then visitors can see a lot of different and amazing paintings,digital art, thereare even a couple of events held for children. It is not suprise that for this festival almost 150 000 people come to have a good time and be entertained.

Comedy festival

On the other hand people who want to have more laugh in their lives, and who love to make their loved ones laugh, will be sure to go to the Comedy festival, which is held in this wonderful city. Precisely in south beach. This is for sure, definitely, one of the most positive events in Miami, where the most talented people and professionals perform and exchange their ideas. It's no wonder that this festival is one of the most visited events in America when it comes to comedy.

We hope that we helped you in the selection, and that you will the next time you go to Miami for sure will visit one of these wonderful festivals.

Lying on the Southeast side of Florida, Miami is one of the most popular holiday destination due to its pleasant weather climate. The beaches in Miami are a major highlight but there are other countless things you can do in this beautiful city besides lounging in the sand. The following are 5 most interesting thing to do when visiting Miami.

1. Hang out in South Beach

With nicknames like the Art Deco playground’ and the American Riviera’, there are reasons why the South Beach is always flocked with people. Tourists see this Beach as not only the most amazing vacation place in Florida but as one of the best areas to visit in the country. 

However, a popular perception has pigeonholed South Beach as being reserved for the young and pretty models and 24 hour partiers but it is not exactly the case. Anyone looking for pristine sand, a buzzing nightlife and amazing food is welcome at the South Beach.

2. Shop, sip and snack at Lincoln Road Mall 

Located between Washington Avenue and Alton Road on Lincoln Road, The Lincoln Road Mall is almost a mile long with pedestrians always shopping. It was originally designed in the 1950s but renovated in 1997 leading to its resurgence in popularity. 

In 2011, Lincoln Road Mall was added to the national Register of Historic places. While here, you can expect to find absolutely everything from Armani, Madewell and Lululemon to Macy's, Gap and Banana Republic. In addition to several restaurants and stores, this area hosts morning yoga classes all year, outdoor concerts and a farmers market every Sunday.

3. Delight in Art Deco on Ocean Drive 

Miami Beach is famous for its art deco architecture which is evident in the storefront buildings and restaurants as well as beautiful hotels that line the south Beach. The Art deco architecture was designed in the 1920s-1930s and it is characterized by geometric shapes and bold colors. It incorporates styles of expressionism, cubism and other art movement. The best way to experience all the art deco Miami Beach offers is on a walking tour along the ocean drive.

4. Visit Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is the only Zoo in U.S that is located in a subtropical climate but it is not so huge. It houses over 2,000 wild animals in cageless environment giving them a similar setting as a natural habitat and visitors the feeling of being on a safari. The large open air exhibits will allow you to enjoy watching these endangered wildlife at a close yet safe range.

There is also a children zoo with different kinds of attractions including camel rides. Besides the animals, Zoo Miami contains a wide variety of tropical trees, plants and a wide collection of orchid.

5. Unwind in one of the many casinos 

With the aim of providing quality gaming experience for slot players, Miami is home to some of most luxurious casinos in U.S most of which offer online casino gambling. After a long day at the beach, you can unwind at the great casinos in the City such as The Miami Club casino. There are plenty of casino games, slots, table games, specialty game and video poker.

For the online casinos, you just need to download the software or play online from the casino site of your choice.