Miami city is located in the South east part of Florida. It is a major player in culture, entertainment and finance. Miami also receives millions of tourists yearly. When it comes to tropical weather, golden beaches and a pulsating nightlife, Miami is the place to be. This city is also one of the best places to gamble. Though commercial gambling is not legal, race tracks and race books are and the best part is that Miami has so many other interesting things to offer to your family while you have a good time at the blackjack table. Here are interesting things about Gambling in Miami that you probably did not know.

Before gambling was introduced, Miami had a population of about 1500 people

Today, Miami has a population of over half a million not to mention the millions of tourists that stream into the city every year. However, in the early nineteenth century, Miami had a population of about 1500 people. The population exploded in the late 1920s, a time when gambling was rife and it was discovered that the local government was relaxed when it came to enforcing the laws of prohibition.

As a result, Miami City expanded. Infrastructure boom further helped to increase the population of people most of whom came to gamble, drink and have fun.

Seminole tribe is a clear evidence of the power of gambling in Miami

Seminole tribe was a very poor tribe in Miami struggling and living on government handouts and it was close to facing cultural extinction until gambling was introduced in Miami. Today, this tribe is one of the richest gambling organization not only in Miami but in United States as a whole earning about $2 billion every years. Seminole tribe owns 7 of the 8 Indian casinos in the State.

Miami casino cruises

In Miami, you can go on a cruise while having a great time in the poker room or at the blackjack table. You can sail through the Atlantic Ocean, enjoy the beautiful sights, soothing music and the casino at the same time. 

Miami casino cruises are unique to Miami. They give gamblers an amazing time by allowing them experience not only the casino but also variety of drinks live shows and in the company of friends. 

Gambling in Miami attracted Al Capone, a notorious gangster 

Due to the blooming gambling industry that was not well regulated, organized crimes had established in the Miami. The city had become a hotbed of gangland violence with frequent murders and uncontrollable corruption. As a result, Al Capone, the greatest gang leader in history according to New Yorker’ arrived in Miami Beach in 1928 to have a bite at the growing Miami gambling trade. Besides receiving an icy reception, Al Capone went on to build his permanent home in Palm Island.

Although gambling in Miami is very popular, a major tourist attraction and a source of income to thousands of people living in the city, the industry has been opposed for years with some people claiming that it is immoral and it is the major cause of everything in the city from malnutrition to suicides.

The religious groups and conservatives in the city have also strongly oppose the legalization of gambling but it is still standing. The fact that it contributes to the largest portion of tax income in Miami together with tourist dollars, is the major reason why gambling in Miami continues to be widely available.

Miami is home to some of the most luxurious casinos offering everything from blackjack to slot machines, poker among other table games. Whether you are an occasional gambler or a high roller, Miami certainly has something for you. Here is a list of top casinos that you must visit in Miami.

1. Casino Miami

Located beside Miami international Airport, Casino Miami offers top notch Las Vegas themed casino games including roulette games, slot machines as well as digital blackjack. It also has a live poker room with 22 tables for players.

Casino Miami occupies a 40,000sq feet area. For those seeking a meal or a drink casino Miami has a café dinner and two bars.

To keep the players entertained, casino Miami hosts poker tournaments, live shows and special promotions which are open for audiences to view and enjoy regularly.

2. Magic City Casino

Magic City Casino is located on the Southeast of Miami International Airport in a calm part of the Magic city surrounded by suburban houses. This casino prides in having been the first casino in Miami to feature Las Vegas themed slot machines. 

Magic City Casino offers over 800 slot machines as well as greyhound races, betting on horsed, a live poker room and electronic table games.

To enhance gambling experience, this casino features numerous promotions including three different events daily ranging from simple ticket bonanza to tournaments. In case you want to eat, you can enjoy the numerous home delicacies with special buffets on certain days.

3. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino 

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is located in the city of Hollywood, a bit further away from downtown Miami on the North of Magic City along Florida's turnpike. It is one of the few Indian casinos in Florida and it is famous for offering a memorable escape from daily hassle into a world of games, entertainment and leisure.

Seminole Hard Rock casino occupies a 140,000 sq. feet, has 2200 slot machines, table games including mini baccarat, let it ride, casino war, blackjack and all types of poker.

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino organizes poker tournaments frequently, has a dedicated poker room and regular poker promotions to keep players entertained.

As a hotel, suites and rooms are available for customers among other amenities such as pet friendly accommodation and valet parking. You can also make arrangements for fine dining or even large events and meetings with banquet halls and rooms available in the hotel area.

4. Hialeah Park Racing & Casino

This casino was built in 1920 as horse racetrack but in 2013, a decision was passed to redesign it into a casino. Though still under construction, this casino features 882 slot machines, progressive jackpots, roulette, blackjack and lucky wheel on digital tables and a poker room offering thirty three poker tables.

Races are shown live in the clubhouse and the casino but there are also those attended live.

Hialeah Park Racing and Casino offers numerous promotions related to gambling and the casino area is open for events, meetings and weddings with the park staff ready to cater for all customers.


While an online casino offers one kind of gambling experience, and a hotel and casino resort offers another, there is a third way in which to enjoy playing roulette, slot machines, blackjack and other casino games: on a cruise. And what better place to take a gambling cruise than off Miami’s golden beaches? 

What is a Gambling Cruise? 

A gambling cruise or a casino cruise is popular with tourists as well as Miami locals. These cruises let you enjoy fine weather, the stunning views of the city in the evening or at night, while you and others around you soak in the thrill of the poker tables and slot machines around you. 

Many gambling cruises also have on-board bars and restaurants, so you can take breaks and enjoy the city lights in the horizon while you wine and dine. 

The reason offshore casino cruises are so popular in Miami is because gambling is illegal in Miami Beach. Cruise lines take advantage of loopholes to offer a perfectly legal alternative – gambling cruises clear US waters (less than an hour’s cruising from Miami) before opening up the gambling tables. 

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How to Choose a Gambling Cruise 

Miami has several cruise ships that offer gambling cruises. Some are better than the others, in terms of the facilities on board and the games that are offered on the cruise. If you haven't picked your favorite games yet, get some inspiration and check canadiangamblingchoice, these guys have all the latest news about online casinos and games through their casino guide section and give great tips to help choosing the best online casino for canadians

Carnival Cruises: Some of the popular cruise ships that belong to the famous Carnival Cruise Line include Fantasy, Jubilee, Glory, Conquest, Legend, Paradise, Spirit, and Victory etc. These cruise ships differ from one another in the number of table games and slot machines on board. 

The most popular of these are Conquest and Celebration. Between them, the two ships offer 450 slot games. In addition, there are several card tables as well as plenty of other casino games on board. If you’re looking for the ship with the largest number of games, that would be Destiny. Destiny offers as many as 305 slot games to its cruise passengers. All Carnival Cruise Line cruises sail from 3655 Northwest 87th Avenue. 

Celebrity Cruises: Another major casino cruise line in Miami is Celebrity Cruises, sailing from Caribbean Way. Mercury is one ship that you must explore, if you’re sailing with this cruise line. Mercury has almost two hundred slot machines, 10 table games, video poker, roulette, crap tables and more, as well as a bar serving delicious cocktails. Other popular ships on the Celebrity Cruises line are Galaxy and Infinity. Find more info on this guide: worldcasinosguide

Getting Lucky in Miami 

For many people, getting lucky in Miami can simply mean getting a prime spot in the sun with a cocktail in one hand while they lie back on a beach chair. For others, it could mean a classy Vegas style gambling cruise in fantastic weather, adrift at sea for hours with slot machines, poker tables, table games and other casino games to entertain them. With food, entertainment, like-minded people, the buzz of casino games and background music, as well as stunning views of the city lights from a distance, a casino cruise can be a great way to get lucky in Miami. Fun could also be right at your door with online casino games. These have become so popular thanks to site such as and have seen many new lucky winners!

But it’s not just casino regulars or tourists who enjoy these cruises. Anyone, including kids and families, that wants to experience another side of Miami and enjoy the views while they wine and dine can enjoy a gambling cruise from Miami.